Saturday, 29 July 2017

Listen Live Online 2MCE Streaming

Station direct link: or

PROBLEM loading/listening to the online stream?
If the 2MCE-FM Station streaming box does not load for you*, try these tips to get it working for you (it seems to have something to do with your Internet browser not having the latest, compatable version of Flash Version 25, and I have no idea why that is!):

* "Error loading player: No playable sources found"

* Reload/Refresh the page *

Google Chrome:
- Click on the little circled i button, to the left of the website address, in your browser window
- On the drop-down menu box
    - select "Flash" and click "Always allow on this site"
    - select "MIDI devices full control" and click "Always allow on this site"
- Close the drop-down menu, by clicking onto the main webpage
- Reload the browser window, by clicking on the "Reload" button (top of screen)
- press the "Listen Online" box to hear the stream now!

- Click "Open Menu" icon (top-right of browser window", and click on "Add Ons"
- Click 'Search" [top-left], and in search window type "PlayFlash 64bit" and <Enter>
- Select from list & lick "Install" on PlayFlash 64bit
- restart Firefox by clicking the "Restart now" text above the PlayFlash 32-bit item
- when Firefox restarts, enter the radio station web address into the browser window ( and <Enter>
- press the "Listen Online" box to hear the stream now!

Internet Explorer:
- Right-click on the streaming box, and click on "Flash Version 25" to install latest version.
- press the "Listen Online" box to hear the stream now!

Note: There might/must be an easier way to to this - please let me know if you know of a way. Thanks.

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