Friday, 13 April 2018

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  1. Hi Mal.
    Just a big thank you from the Koahlition crew for featuring some of our songs on your show. We really appreciate it and good on you for getting behind new Australian music. Keep up the good work.


    Rohan and Koahlition.

    1. Thank you! It's my pleasure - that's what Community Radio is all about.

  2. Listening for 30sec and I already love it!
    And thanks so much for including my songs "Shut Up And Dance" and "Your Love Makes Me Beautiful" on your program.
    If you would like me to send you the full album "Return" which includes these songs and others let me know.
    Linda Wood

    1. Thank you. I'll send you an email. Muchly appreciated!!!

  3. Awesome tunes listened to on our night shift from the Royal Melbourne tonight ..woot Mal! You rock man!!

    1. Thank you! Having fun feedback during an overnight program just makes it feel all so much more positive! Thank you!!!

  4. I'm Baaaaaakkkkkk!

  5. Hi Mal, just received my 1st Airit Report & looks like you were one of the first to play tracks from PlanB's debut album "TOO LATE THE HERO". Thanks for your support. Would you be interested in hooking up for an interview at some stage?

    1. Thanks. I always enjoy playing good new Aussie music on the radio. I'd love to do an interview with you guys, but unfortunately the station's phone hook-up for external interviews is not operational at the moment, dagnammit! Sorry!

    2. Cheers Mal and thanks again for your support. I'm putting a CD in the mail today for the station so you can access the other 11 tracks in addition to the AIRit downloads. Hope to be in your vicinity in late 2014 for some gigs.Got a couple of guest musicians on the CD including Big Jimmy Paterson, trombone player with Dexys, who kindly played the trombone solo for the only cover on the CD, the track from which the band derived its name ....yeah, you guessed it...Plan B.

  6. I hope that CD has managed to cross the various border lines and make its way into your hands Mal. Just a thought .....if the station's hook up for external interviews is still non-operational, would it be ok to send you a brief audio message via email with a 'throw' to one of the songs on PlanB's album?. If this is ok, let me know which song you want me to throw to .....cheers, Sneaky Pete

  7. Hi there mal,

    Tom here from The Rider. We noticed that you'd downloaded a few of our songs and played them on your show recently. I'm just stopping by to say thanks and to say keep up the support for Aussie music!!

  8. Thank you for playing tracks from my new album 'Running Free' It is currently sitting at No. 4 in the Amrap Regional charts, Cheers Joe.