Tuesday, 26 February 2019

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Site Map
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□ "Pram's Album Show on 2MCE-FM" radio program
           (c.Four hours every Friday night 10pm 'till late [AEDT])
        + Program Format
        + New Australian Music Playlist 
        + Previously featured albums
        + Goodbye for today 

The Odd Sock Basket radio program - occasional lunacy and fun random silliness

         Some of my previous programs you can download & listen to at your leisure

 New Music Playlists - which new Australian artists' music have I been playing recently?

□ Music News - gigs, bands, festivals, events

□ Local What's On

□ 2MCE-FM Streaming & free App - listen to live streaming radio online

□ Home - current post / entry

□ Q & A - essential questions and answers

□ Who Am I? - find out a bit more about me

 Image Gallery - who do I actually look like?

□ Current on-air and online radio programs with Mal "Lancelot's Pram" Kiely

□ Podcast Sound Clips - what does it all sound like?

□ Who listens? - a world-wide listening audience

□ The Album's Pool "The List" - 4,380+ selected music albums, listed alphabetically by artist

□ Top music albums - various sources
□ Rolling Stone list of the Top 500 greatest songs of all time

 Featured 3 

□ Contact me - Interactive radio... get in touch
                - your positively constructive comments and feedback are always welcome
                   - arrange an interview

    Check for the latest updated program news here...
□ Twitter
□ Google+

□ 2MCE-FM (Community Radio, Bathurst 92.3 MHz & Orange 94.7 MHz, NSW Australia)

□ Here's two videos (1) + (2) of what it looks like inside the 2MCE-FM radio studios

□ Radio Presenter Training at 2MCE-FM

□ Internet links and radio presenter's resources

□ Relevant radio articles for radio presenters - training, tips, hints & resources

Mental Health Resources 

Stop the Hate - Stop "labelling" people

□ Thank you

□ Mal Kiely online (please note updated link)

□ Lancelot's Pram (live solo music performer & album) (please note updated link)

□ Click here for a full-colour photo-essay of the latest dwarf mud-wrestling swingers gathering, complete with live Volleyball camera feeds.


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