Monday, 12 September 2016

The Albums' Pool - 3,475 music albums so far

The current pool of music albums I can personally draw from, to feature on the various different radio programs with 'Feature Albums', has now reached...

3,475 albums! Yes, 3,475 archived music albums are now currently on "The Albums' Pool List"!

I've been asked the question, "Do you actually have ALL of those as CD's/records?" Answer - I have about 20% as physical CD's, the remainder I have digitized and keep on external hard disc drives.

These albums would be waaaay over 52,000 album-based pieces of music! (That's not even including the other thousands of non-album songs and albums that are in 'the system'!!!)

(NB. These selected albums are short-listed in no particular weighted order, nor is this list in any way exhaustive or complete...!)

All those albums would equal over 115 days straight listening, end-to-end, before repeating one single album! Woah! 1955 to 2016 in music...

"It's all good!"

"The Albums' Pool List" is a never-ending expanding resource tho... loving it!

So... is your favourite album on The List? arrow arrow arrow

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