Thursday, 5 July 2012

Final Program : ELO's "Out Of the Blue" (1977)

Do you remember when you first heard this music?
Your favourite album music recalling your special memories - playing the soundtrack of your life

Tune-in 1.30 - 3.30 pm Tuesday 

The Final 2MCE Program!

Your next program and your classic featured album (on 10th July 2012) will be...
 Electric Light Orchestra (ELO): "Out Of the Blue
(from 1977)

Our 115th album featured!!!

Broadcast absolutely live on
Radio 2MCE-FM 92.3 MHz & 94.7 MHz
(Bathurst & Orange NSW Australia)

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Presented by
"Lancelot's Pram"

Mal will be moving to Warwick QLD from mid-July 2012, and therefore will be winding-up this program on 2MCE-FM, after 2+ years. I'd like to publicly thank and acknowledge 2MCE for providing me the wonderful opportunity of presenting live-to-air radio.
Program commenced 6 April 2010

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Tune-in to Radio 2MCE-FM 92.3 & 94.7 MHz (Bathurst & Orange NSW Australia). 
Call me (When I'm on-air) : (02) 6331 0092


This program preceeded by "The All Oz Lunchbox" on 2MCE
This program followed by "Cinemascape" on 2MCE


  1. Hey Mother Nature...
    I like your Pram's Blog page mate.
    I"ll be following, and even requesting from time to time, I'm sure.
    Happy New Year !


  2. Thank you, Al. Muchly appreciated :)