Thursday, 5 March 2015

Lancelot's Pram - Purchase the CD

Lancelot's Pram - Purchase the CD

Lancelot's Pram (CD TNB002)

CD Price: $15.00 ea.
Plus $4.00 postage (PPH: $4.00 worldwide)
(Currency converter)

To Purchase your copy - 3 different options:

For secure online credit card payments, you can pay with Paymate Express  OR  Paypal
using either Visa or Mastercard, or even if you don't have a credit card.

Option 1: 

Use Paymate Express for a 100%-secure credit card transaction service using Paymate Express Payment (no registration required).
(NB. $19.00 = $15.00 ea. + $4.00 pph; my Paymate account is under the name "nightbefore").

Option 2: 
Use Paypal's 100%-secure transaction service by clicking this link (Paypal payment form).

Option 3:
If you do not have a credit card,
you can join Paypal and have funds transferred securely.


Contact me about sending a cheque or money order. Thanks.

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