Saturday, 5 February 2011

Creating Program Content

Each show, each segment, each minute on the air is precious. You can’t afford to miss an opportunity. Many shows address the right topics, but may or may not turn those ideas into meaningful audience connections.

It’s easy to find content, but the art of show prep is customizing those topics through your unique personality to become meaningful to the audience.

For each topic, find THREE different ways to tell the story in a fresh, entertaining and interesting way. How can you vary your content to keep a relevant topic compelling?

Think about it this way: You tell stories to your friends a certain way. You may retell that same story in a blog differently. If you’re telling your family, you’d treat it in another unique way.

Do the same with your show. In your show preparation, find three angles to each topic. Maybe you’ll use all three, or you may just choose one approach.

Developing the discipline to create content is at the heart of the art of creativity!


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