Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Radio Vocal Presentation tips

Here are some of the hottest presenter tips to get you and your voice relaxed before and during you radio program...

Stretch - Walk around outside the studio every 20 minutes or so and breathe deeply. Give your lungs a lift after being stuck in the presenter chair for sometime.

Energy - Communication rides on energy. Speak with your entire body. Gesture frequently, even if no one can see you. Don't worry if you think you may look silly, you'll become a much better presenter.

Change Your Body Language - Actors use gestures and mannerisms to help them change their tone of voice. Note the body language of anger - a clenched fist. Slamming your hand on the table. Throwing something. Stomping around. Note the body language of love. A warm smile. An outstretched hand. A gentle touch. Try changing your physiology when presenting your program. Your listeners will feel what you are trying to convey more easily. Try standing up and presenting your show. What do you notice about your voice?

Speaking - For emphasis, try speaking softly instead of louder. A whisper carries more weight than a scream.

Water - Drink plenty of water to keep your voice lubricated. It not only allows the inside of your mouth to move easier but it's healthy too.

Throat - Sip water instead of clearing throat. If you have to cough then do so gently and this will minimise the damage to the vocal cords.

One To One - People speaking on the radio for the first time often mistakenly visualise a cast of thousands. People listen in groups of one. When speaking on radio, imagine you are speaking to an intimate friend. Really see your friend's face in your mind's eye. Radio is about a one to one relationship between you and the listener.

Smile - Smile and your voice smiles too. You must promote a happy voice from the start or your listeners will feel uneasy.

Other Presenters - Record voices of favourite TV and radio programs and try to copy their pacing and inflection but not their personality. This is something you alone have to develop.

Nerves - Nerves will tighten the muscles of the diaphragm so you won't get enough breath support for good vocal production. Breathe through your nose to calm down. Then, take full deep breaths to relax.

Tape Record Your Voice - To improve the way you sound you must hear yourself as others hear you. The only way to do this is to listen to your voice on tape. The voice you hear inside your head is not your 'true' voice. It's distorted by the bones of your skull. By listening to yourself on tape, you'll get an accurate impression of the way you sound to others. You'll quickly hear if your spoken image is every thing you want it to be. Then ask your self the question, "Is this the voice I want my listeners to hear?" The awareness may make you cringe and you may be in for a shock, but it can motivate you to make some positive and productive changes that will have a powerful impact on the way you come across on radio.

(Page Source : http://www.radiopresenting.com/vocaltips.shtml 8 Feb 2011)

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