Monday, 16 January 2012


Apply these variables as you choose what to talk about on the radio, what to post online:

How's your relationship with your listener? Does he/she trust, respect and like you enough to pay attention when you open your mouth?

How important to your listener is what you have to say right now? Is it clear right from the start why it's relevant?

Is it fresh or new? Or, warmed over re-purposed prep content that every other talent on the radio is also using today? (or even worse, last night or yesterday)

Are you a true, authentic, genuine "friend?" Or, are you heard/read as just "an interesting stranger?" Is what you say engaging enough to enhance the former, move toward it, away from the latter?
On Facebook now, subscribers can actually do their own filtering.

Your listener has been doing that all along. It's called "seek" and "scan," the reason push buttons are the most popular feature on their radio.

Work on your personal affinity, content weight, decay and "Edge Rank" as you prep and deliver everything across all platforms available to you.


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