Friday, 27 July 2018

Who Am I?

Mal Kiely is "Lancelot's Pram", your host of weekly live-to-air radio programs (and other filling-in programs as need-be), on community radio 2MCE-FM and live online.

Simply, "The Pram" enjoys music... and sharing the simple joys, passion and fun of it all with people he plays it to.
I know why and what I am doing on Community radio... I have a vision, aim and goal - and I'm happy and positively excited about "helping support and encourage all sorts of different people in their own immediate situations, with radio that is entertaining, informative and offers companionship - connecting and relating to you, the listening participant".
Mal has been happily living in Bathurst NSW (Australia) since 1995 (except for an 18-month period) - that's almost 20 years, now, after growing-up on the lower Northern Beaches of Sydney. I'm 'almost' a local!

His radio-passion is for music - album music... or more succinctly, recalling those special memories we treasure that are triggered by hearing and recalling those classic songs and albums we've grown-up with. "Playing the soundtrack to your life".

Mal also loves to expose, present and promote brand new Australian independent music (in all its many different genres and styles), to a loyal local, Australia-wide and international radio audience.

A 54-yo divorced-dad of three handsome grown-up sons, "The Pram" also enjoys a great sense of harmless fun, absurd & random humour. "Lifes' too short not to laugh at yourself".

Musically, he performs acoustic solo music, and has released a music CD album of his original material as well. Over the past 31 years (after clocking-up over 300 professional + c.400 other live performances, in many diverse situations, from tiny to huge), he's also performed on bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals and drums in various working/touring original and covers' pop & rock pub and club bands (and released two albums with one of them), played guitar with the cool-jazz sextet "Pengopuss", played guitar in a local modern jazz quintet "Glen and the Zen Men", sung with the "Sounds Live Community Choir", played guitar in Swing Band "Big Band Blue", played and sung in an alternative-folk duo with percussionist Keith "McGonicle" Manning, played bass with a country music group, sang and played guitar with singer/acoustic guitarist Robert Geddes, and also does occasional live and studio music-session work (bass, guitar, production). He's recently been playing bass and singing for "Swansong", and also playing bass and supporting the musical collective "Armstrong", here in Bathurst. Currently, he is playing guitar in the Bathurst jazz quintet "Pengopuss."

His first introduction to community radio was at 2MCE-FM in Bathurst, as a performer on "Sounds Live" in August 2009. He did some 'graveyard' shifts with 2KRR-FM back in 1998 as well.

He was presented with a 2MCE 'Ernie Award' for "Best New Talent 2010", in December 2010.

Years of subconsciously collecting assorted music 'trivia' is now paying off for radio!

Here's a selection of Online Podcasts, so you can listen to what it's all about.

Want to know a bit more? Check out the Q&A page.

Get in touch with "The Pram"... get involved... share your music memories, suggestions, positively-constructive feedback...

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