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Questions and Answers...

Q. Who is 'Lancelot's Pram'?
A. Here ya go!

Q. Is there anything else about who you are?
A. Yes, sure! Here's a more in-depth profile.

Q. What is the meaning of the name 'Lancelot's Pram'?
A. Simple! He was the Chief Stoker on-board the Yellow Submarine... naturally!

It's just a nom de plume, nick name, pseudonym, stage name, handle. (Famous examples include: Slim Dusty, Steele Rudd, Nellie Melba, Patsy Cline, Smoky Dawson, Dr Seuss, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, June Bronhill, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Elton John, Yahoo Serious, Gotye, Pink, Ringo Starr, Bono, The Edge, Sting, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Tina Arena, Toni Basil, Dusty Springfield, Dinah Washington, Beeb Birtles, Bobby Darin, Billie Holiday, Hank B. Marvin, Cliff Richard, Bruno Mars, Banksy, Huey Lewis, Peter Wolf, Cat Stevens, Cilla Black, The Big Bopper, Shakin' Stevens, Jack Benny, Pat Benatar, Joni Mitchell, Kiki Dee, Nico, Jimmy Cliff, Bill Wyman, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Howlin' Wolf, Elmore James, Shania Twain, Dido, Sade, Seal, Vangelis, Jackie DeShannon, Billy J. Kramer, Del Shannon, Wayne Fontana, "Mama" Cass Elliott, Twiggy, Freddie Mercury, Chris Montez, PJ Proby, Marilyn Monroe, Tammi Terrell , Engelbert Humperdinck, Wynonna Judd, Roy Rogers, Conway Twitty, Marilyn Manson, Jayne Mansfield, Adam Faith, Lady Gaga, Kid Rock, Boy George, Moby, MC Hammer, Ice T, Ice Cube, Vanilla Ice, Skrillex, Slash, Lemmy, The Rock, Mr. T, Bela Lugosi, Lulu, Billy Ocean, Jelly Roll Morton, Captain Beefheart, Alice Cooper, Flea, Meat Loaf, Iggy Pop, Axl Rose, Buckethead, Slim Harpo, Michael Caine, Cary Grant, John Wayne, Julie London, Anthony Quinn, Kirk Douglas, Boris Karloff, Mark Twain, Judy Garland, Tony Curtis, Ben Kingsley, Rita Hayworth, Sandra Dee, Dame Edna Everage, Danny LaRue, Sid James, Gene Wilder, George Orwell, Anne Rice, John Wyndham, Lewis Carroll, George Burns, Red Buttons, Mel Brooks, Tiny Tim, Whoopi Goldberg, Sun Ra, Cristiano Ronaldo, PelĂ© etc etc.)

Ahem... the reality is that it's just a bit of fun nonsense stream-of-consciousness randomness, from way back in 1989, that's just memorably stuck after all these years... people seem to remember "Lancelot's Pram" much better than a person's name! In other words... it doesn't actually mean anything of import!

The story: During listening to playback in a music recording session (in 1989), we all fell about the room in hysterics, when they discovered I'd whispered - albeit wholly randomly - "Lancelot's Pram"... I have no idea where that came from, but it sounded like some magic classic psychedelic thing.

Q. What about this "Gherkin" thing?
A. I used to have a little lime-green sailing dinghy (Laser), and the other sailing club people jokingly called it "The Gherkin" and "Team Gherkin"... nowdays I have a similarly-coloured electric guitar, that still carries that moniker. Yes - it's all just silly fun.

Q. How do I find my way around this radio website?
A. Check out the Site Map.

Q. Why do you participate in Community & online radio?
A. Because it's FUN - easy as that!

I'm happy and positively excited about "helping support and encourage all sorts of different people in their own immediate situations, with radio that is entertaining, informative and offers companionship - connecting and relating to you, the listening participant".

Q. What particular live-to-air radio programs are you currently involved with on 2MCE-FM?
A. Here ya go! I'm currently involved producing and presenting one regular weekly program - and numerous filling-in roles as well, as need be.

Q. Didn't you used to do quite a few more weekly radio programs at one stage?
A. Yes... a few years ago I was presenting six weekly programs... and it became way too much for me to maintain consistent quality.

Q. How do you select your featured albums?
A. I choose from different "Top Albums" lists from various sources, all around the world.

Q. Do you only feature 'rock' music on your programs?
A. NO! I try highlighting many and diverse musical genres and styles from over the past 60+ years,
including (but not limited to) ... Rock, Jazz, Pop, Dance, R&B, Soundtracks, Blues, Folk-Rock, Electronica, Latin, Folk, Soul, Indie & Alternative, World, Live, Psychedelic, Alt-Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, Easy Listening, Hard Rock, Comedy, Punk, Reggae, Krautrock, Rock'n'Roll, Prog, Fusion... and more!

Q. Why "Albums"?
A. I love albums, because they are like grabbing a wide-view musical snapshot of a particular creative stage in the life of a band's/artists' musical development, at that exact time in their career.

Q. How many music albums are currently in your 'pool'? How many albums do you have?
A. There are over 4,380+ music albums I can personally choose from at the moment... and that number is always growing... these selected albums are short-listed in no particular weighted order, nor is this list in any way exhaustive or complete...!

4,380 albums would be waaaay over 65,000 album-based pieces of music! (That's not even including the other thousands of non-album songs that are in 'the system'!!!)

All those albums would equal about ONE HUNDRED & THIRTY FIVE DAYS-straight listening, end-to-end, before repeating one single album! Woah!

Q. Do you actually have ALL of those albums as CD's/records?
A. I have about 25% as physical CD's/records, the remainder I have digitized and keep on external hard disk drives.

Q. Do you feature any new Australian music on your programs?
A. I most certainly do, with thanks to AirIt's Amrap.

Q. When did you start broadcasting on 2MCE in Bathurst NSW?
A. My first introduction was as a musical performer on 'Sounds Live' in August 2009.
I've been presenting various on-air programs since October 2009.
I was presented with a 2MCE 'Ernie Award' for "Best New Talent 2010" on 17th December 2010.
I very happily recommenced live programming with 2MCE-FM in December 2013, after an 18-month sojourn in Warwick Qld.
Q. Where are the 2MCE-FM broadcast studios located?
A. On the campus of Charles Sturt University, at the foot of Mt Panorama, in Bathurst, New South Wales (NSW), Australia.

Q. In what areas do Community Radio 2MCE-FM broadcast to?
A. 92.3 MHz in Bathurst and 94.7 MHz in Orange, NSW Australia, on the FM-band.

Q. How do I hear your 2MCE-FM radio programs online?
A. All 2MCE-FM programs are streamed live online and via app, so you can hear us wherever you are across the world.

Q. I have a problem opening or listening to the online live stream.
A. Try these tips to help you listen live online.

Q. How can I get in touch with you?
A. Here ya go!

Q. How can I figure out what time you are on, where I am in the world?
A. Each programs' page has its' own countdown "World Clock" for you.

Q. What do your on-air programs sound like?
A. Here's some program podcasts, so you can hear what it's all about.

Q. What does it look like being inside the studios of 2MCE-FM in Bathurst?
A. Check out this video, and this second (newer) video that may give you an idea of what it can be like.

Q. How old are you?
A. Didn't your mother ever tell you that it's rude to ask a 54-yo guy his age?

Q. You've got a good face for radio.
A. Hey! That's not a question!
Here's some photos.
But yes... considering I grew-up with a speech impediment, doing radio presentation can sometimes be a rewarding challenge for me - but I absolutely love it all! "I plove laying with spords, woonerisms, and whyming rords..."

Q. Why are you so keen on training people for radio?
A. "Helping people to be the best at whatever it is they are attempting" is part of my psyche/who I am, and being a trained trainer enables me to do that for people who desire to learn and apply positive and effective radio skills and techniques on their own radio programs. 'Training people' is one of my passions.
2MCE-FM, being part of Charles Sturt University, has an awesome, world-class training program for radio presenters.

Q. What's with the tiger that sits in the studio whenever you're on-air?
A. Why not? It's just fun randomness... sort of a quirky mascot.
Oh... it's kept on a very secure leash so it can't escape and bite anything... hard...

Q. I hear you have a few ongoing health issues?
A. Yup, that's right. Here's a brief run-down of those health issues. Ask me about it, and I'll happily share about it all... invisible illnesses are not something to be ashamed of.

Q. You have such a quirky sense of humour...

A. Thank you! I love the random absurdity life throws at us.

Q. Why do I spot the occasional typo?
A. Here's why (click).

Q. Why do you share things about yourself online?
A. Here ya go!

Q. What makes you "tick"?
A. Here ya go!

Q. What's your theological and political viewpoints?
A. Theological/Philosophical and Political.

Q. What movies do you enjoy watching?
A. I usually watch DVD's, and rarely watch TV at all.

Q. When did you start programming with Australian Radio JOT (online)?
A. In January 2015.
Q. What online radio programs did you present on Australian Radio JOT (online)?
A. I was involved producing and presenting one regular 'Album' programHowever - Australian Radio JOT will be winding-up their broadcasts in July 2015, sadly.
Q. Where did you produce your programs for Australian Radio JOT (online)?
A. From home! I simply emailed the programs to the guys at their online station (located on the Central Coast NSW Australia), and they broadcast them online from there.
Q. Why did it end?
A. For myself, I found ongoing personal sickness issues made it almost impossible for me to continue creating a quality weekly program from home - at this stage. Plus the station wound up its online broadcasting.

Q. When did you start broadcasting on a certain community radio staion in QLD?
A. In August 2012.
Q. When did you conclude with them?
A. In November 2013.

Q. Is there any 'fine print' when it comes to your blogs/webpages?
A. Yes, there are... but I'm always pretty spontaneous and flexible.
       My Disclaimer 
       A Blogger's Disclaimer 
       My Personal "Bill of Rights" 

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