Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Creativity, Intelligence, Preparation

Steve Jones, the fine VP/Programming at NewCap Radio in Canada told me of a break he heard while on vacation in Miami during the massive blizzard that hit the U.S. a few weeks ago.

The song starts…the personality says simply:
“If you’re on Facebook today, you might want to invite your friends to come on down…another day in paradise on the beach”.

Wow. This is gold. Let’s break that 7 seconds down:
  • It’s personal: He uses YOU twice in the break…talking one on one.
  • It’s topical: Everyone was talking about the blizzard, but in Miami, how do you relate? Just another 75 and sunny. He found a way.
  • It’s local: He found a natural way to localize national content.
  • It’s relevant: Connects the topic to Facebook.
  • It’s community pride: One of the emotions that most personalities often miss is relating to pride in the community…this ties that in nicely.
This is proof that you don’t have to talk a LOT to entertain, connect and relate to your audience. It just takes creativity, intelligence, and time to prepare.

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