Friday, 10 June 2011

Am I Good Enough?

Radio presenters always have their own self-doubts, and ask themselves "Am I good enough?"

Insecurity plagues us all. And, who hasn't stepped on a vocal, rambled on too long about something you knew was going nowhere and ended a shift saying, "that was the worst show of my life!"?

Later that same day, a listener recognizes you at the grocery store and tells you how terrific today's show was .. because you just happened to play their favorite song right when they got to work and turned the radio on. They wanted to know who sang it and you related the title and artist right after it ended, precisely when they wanted that info.

This is a lesson in expectations and perspectives. What we expect from ourselves is not the same thing as the average listener expects.

Take it easy on yourself as you critique your work. Get on base every time to come up to bat and stop trying to swing for home runs. Make it sound effortless and have fun. Give listeners what they come to radio for.

Once you can do that consistently, you're "good enough." Relax and live there.

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