Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Radio Presenter's Articles - Training, Tips, Hints, Resources

Radio Presenter's Articles - Training, plus some encouraging tips, hints & resources

10 reasons why you need Community Radio
Why we do radio
Companionship, info, entertainment
You never know WHO is listening
Who is listening?

Radio 2.0 Blog (CBAA)

Radio Presentation
Program preparation
One-on-One and some tips
Creativity, intelligence & preparation - creative program content
Who are you?
Am I good enough?
Being Consistent - getting out of the Rut
Life changes week-by-week : keep up with the world - keep things fresh

Vocal presentation
Listening to yourself

Slow tempo music?
Music genres

Radio presentation and technology

Online Training :
The Media Industry and the Law
OH&S in the Media Industry
Online Training

Community Radio - technical resources
Community Radio Wrap for 2012

CBAA Radio Codes of Practise

Radio Presenter Training at 2MCE

Free Radio Presenter's Training Course & other ideas (note: 100% copywrite-free; material adapted by Mal Kiely, 2013).

Some other various online radio resources :

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